Tree Works Eftpos Payments System

At Australian Heritage Tree Works we aim to make life for our customers as easy as possible. Not only do we take care of your Tree Felling needs and unwanted Tree Stumps, we also now accept EFTPOS transactions including Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos Credit and Debit cards and transactions.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos payments

Australian Heritage Tree Works Professional Tree Surgery Company

Trees of all sizes cut to size

Professional Tree Surgery Company

Our domestic tree felling and tree removal services operate throughout the whole of the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills regions. We can also offer excellent rates for more distant jobs and contracts. We pride ourselves in our professional approach, expertise and strong work ethic. Customer service is paramount, from our first point of contact with you to the moment we leave your site; your satisfaction is our priority.

Australian Heritage Tree Works Customer Focus

There is no job too big or too small for Australian Heritage Tree Works whether you are a pensioner or corporate client you can expect the same courtesy and attentiveness. Client satisfaction is paramount along with competitive pricing and job satisfaction.

Our domestic tree felling and tree removal services operate throughout the whole of the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills regions. We can also offer excellent rates for more distant jobs and contracts.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance Experts

Australian Heritage Tree Works are renowned for their knowledge and work quality when it comes to maintenance pruning of trees. When pruning is done incorrectly a problematic tree is created which causes further unnecessary costs to the client. Every effort is made through consultation to ensure the correct tree management policy is adhered to.

A selection of images of tree works can be seen in the Gallery section.

Protected Trees in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

Please note: A large number of trees are protected in the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills and therefore all trees will need to be checked prior to undertaking any tree removal or tree felling works to ensure they are not covered by the Tree Legislation or if the tree(s) is situated within a Conservation Area.

Checks can be made by contacting your local authority. Further information on protected trees can be found in the government publication: Protecting Regulated and Significant Trees In Adelaide
This documentation can be found on this website for your convenience. Australian Heritage Tree Works can assist with checks and applications for work. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Tree and Stump Removal Gallery


Arborist tree climbing experts

Re-balanced Tree After Pruning

Re-balanced Tree After Pruning


Large dead Radiata Pine Tree felled in Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills

Lopping and pruning dangerous tree branches

Tall Stringy Bark tree in Stirling Adelaide hills that having lost some limbs over the house had to be removed

Professional Tree and Stump Removal in Adelaide

Very hollow large English Elm tree located in a very small court yard in North Adelaide. Nearing the end of the job it was apparent how hollow the tree was

Tree Bee Control

We carry out bee control and eradication. We can access high hollows that general pest control people cannot.

Tree removal and Tree control

Tree Control using ropes and lowering equipment

High quality ropes and lowering devices are used. This gives great precision and enables us to safely remove large trees in confined areas without destroying your gardens.

Environment care is taken on every job

If required lawn care can be made paramount. Not a blade of grass lost.

Tree Stump Removal

Large tree stumps removed

Trees of all sizes cut to size

Large dead river red gum was overhanging water tanks.

Chopping Large Trees Using Cranes and Ropes

(Left) - Lemon scented gum tree removal, from back garden in Adelaide. (Right) - Pine removal using a crane.

Tree Grafting and Surgery

These trees were ring barked by sheep and goats. In order to save the trees we inserted bridge grafts using young shoots taken from the branch ends.

Australian Heritage Tree Works Work Ute

For professional, quality and carefull removal or care of any trees ring this number!

Tree Wildlife Owls and Bat

Wildlife must be considered when removing or working on any trees.

Removal and care of trees of all sizes

A large Macrocarpa Tree in the Adelaide Hills

Out on a limb - large Macrocarpa Adelaide Hills

The same Macrocarpa as above.

Small Tree Stump Grinder for hard to get at places

Small Tree Stump Grinder for hard to get at places

Precision Tree Felling

Accurate and Precise Tree Felling

Lowering Large Section Tree Trunk - Chainsaw in action

Lowering a large section of tree trunk - Chainsaw in action on tall pine tree

Felling a large tall pine tree

Suspended on a tall pine tree ready to get the chainsaw into action